Online marketing automation

Online marketing automation with the AIM3 Design AI – what’s your benefit?

We simplify the creation of digital ads from a single visual to a complete campaign across key digital marketing channels. Save time, invest more efficiently and grow your sales.

Likewise, we transform your ads to all required formats automatically optimising your brand awareness. We synchronize your ads with your shop’s offer as well as your customers micro moment using the AIM3 Design AI. Your dynamic, data-driven, targeted campaigns, are now created in real-time and work cookieless.

Online Marketing Automation for…

With AIM3 Design AI, we synchronize advertising for all store systems, whether display or DooH. Targeted addresses in real time lead to a high reach relevance. And thus to high performance.

From Banner to Campaign, from Creation to Delivery.

Automating Online Marketing for Display and Dooh

Whether for stores, POS or brands, from creation to delivery: we automate, transform, dynamize and synchronize individual banners or complete campaigns with a single tool in real time.

Latest Technology For All Formats And Channels

The artificial intelligence of our AIM3 Design AI creates data-driven online marketing solutions, both custom-fit and individual, for all formats and channels, using constantly self-optimizing algorithms.

Our Live Ads consist of three modules with individual, digital content. The side-by-side contrast compares the environment of the customer in the micro moment with the real-time environment of the advertising target.


Still Wishes or Questions Open?

We are happy to support all online stores, POS and brands in making online marketing easier and more sustainable. Just give us a call!

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