Create a campaign

You want to build a campaign? This guide will walk you through on how to build a campaign.

What do you need?

  • A Shopify store owner account

Create a campaign

Step 1: Start campaign creation

Stay with dashboard and click on „Create Campaign“.

Step 2: Set the campaign name and the campaign budget. 

Choose a name for the campaign. The name should be meaningful, easy to manage and to be find again. Then select a budget that applies per day. Depending on the package, you get more or less services. From an amount over 250€ you have to pay a deposit. The selected channel remains. Press „Next“.

Step 3: Select product category or single product

To select a category click on „Select Product Category“ and then press „Next“.

To select a single product remove the check mark. Then you can scroll down and select a single product. Press „Next“.

Step 4: Targeting

Click on „Site Categories“. The other fields remain the same.
Select a category which fits best. You can scroll down to select one. Press „Set Targeting and then „Next“.

Step 5: Select your banner style

To select your banner style click on the arrow in the middle.

Select a banner style and click „Next“.

Customise your banner style. You can change the product title, the product price and the description as well as the colors and everything adapts on the banner. Press „Set Style“.

Step 6: Select your dynamics

To select your dynamics click on the arrow in the middle.

Select a specific event, according to which the advertising time should be determined. Press „Next“.

Customise your dynamics style. You can change the colors and select a text. Press „Set Style“.
To finish it click on the big blue button in the bottom-right corner with the label „Create Campaign“.