woocommerce integration

This is a guide to connect your WooCommerce store with the AIM3 system.

What do you need?

  • WooCommerce/Wordpress admin account

Add or upload plugin

Step 1 : Add and install the plugin

The following possibility is to get to the plugin via the admin panel.

Alternatively you can download the plugin directly from the WordPress site. The instructions you will find below.

Click on „Add New“.

Enter your store in the search bar.

When the store appeared click on „Install Now“.

Click on „Activate“ and continue at Step 2 above.

After pressing „Activate“ you will be automatically linked to the plugin.

Step 2: Link to the Plugin

Enter the AIM3-License-Key to activate the connection. If you don’t have one yet you can register and you will receive a mail with the license-key which you copy and paste.

Click „Connect now“ and then click AIM3 Studio or on the link to start.

Alternative: Download the plugin via WordPress

If you are not automatically linked to the plugin then follow this link and then click on „Download“.

Save the ZIP in downloads.

Then go back to the admin panel of your WooCommerce Shop and go to the plugin section. Click on „Add New“.

Then click on „Upload Plugin“.

Then click on „Upload file“ and upload the ZIP.

Then click on „Install Now“ and continue at step 2 above.