Online Marketing Solution for Brands

With our online marketing solution for brands, the AIM3 Design AI, you integrate internal company data on the one hand and on the other hand the environment data of your customers into your advertising. In any case, reconcile these two data sources, so that you always display the best possible offer. AIM3 is your partner for embedding appropriate real-time data into your advertising materials to increase the relevance of your campaigns.

The Customer’s Micro Moment

The Online Marketing Solution at the Right Time

For example, use your customer’s environment data to customize your advertising message accurately. AIM3 dynamizes your advertising based on, for example, the customer’s location, time, day, weather, traffic, etc. We’ll find the most relevant data sources for you.

Products and Availability

The Online Marketing Solution for Individualized Offers

Use internal company data so that you can personalize your advertising message in the right way. AIM3 synchronizes your ads as often and as long as you want, for example, with the latest offers or instead with the ones that are currently available. Depending on the case, we automate your data in real time so that your advertising always displays the right product.

Data-Driven POS Marketing

How Your Customer Gets to the Offer

Individualized advertising in real time – even for several POS at the same time – opens up a wide range of possibilities:

Different Offers per POS

Your offers are advertised differently for each POS or for several POS in the same environment.

Different Temperatures per POS

Weather data at each individual POS or at multiple POS in the same environment is constantly updated.

Different opening hours per POS

Your opening hours are displayed differently for each POS or for several POS in the same environment. displayed differently.

Different utilization per POS

During low-frequency periods of each POS or several POS in the same environment, suitable offers are advertised in a targeted manner.

High Performance Through Relevance

Individualized Display and DooH Advertising

First, your ads will always be displayed where they are relevant to your customer. Secondly, your advertising will always be displayed when it is relevant to your customer. And third, your advertising always displays what is relevant to your customer.

These temporal, local and content data – best together in combination – create a high relevance and reach of your advertising and thus also a high performance.


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