Marketing Solution with Design AI

Our marketing solution with Design AI is the engine for all solutions to use it to automate your online marketing in a data-driven way, transform them into all desired formats, dynamize content and consequently synchronize the offer data with the advertising.

From Offer Directly to Advertising

Marketing Solution with Design AI Automates Setup and Processes

Where previously you had to invest a lot of time and money searching for reliable creatives, with a one-time setup you subsequently start an automated process.

By automating, AIM3 Design AI replaces the graphic designer and takes over the complete creation of your advertising materials.

Simply Transform Without Additional Effort

Marketing Solution with Design Ai for All Advertising Channels

After automating, the AIM3 Design KI creates your advertising in all common landscape and portrait formats, such as interstitial, skyscraper, billboard, etc.

You can then place these formats in all digital channels without any extra effort : in social media, display network, DooH and even CTV.

Synchronize in Real Time

Promote Only Current Offers

The AIM3 Design AI consequently checks a lot of data to synchronize it with your product offer without marketing know how.

If the product is sold out, the AIM3 Design AI automatically accesses the next available product and changesText and image of your advertisement for it in real time.

Dynamize Situationally

Benefit from Temporal Relevance

The AIM3 Design AI first detects and then independently integrates dynamic triggers. The possibilities for such relevant temporal triggers are highly diverse.

They can be either weather or traffic data, as well as POS opening hours, flash sale promotions or local temperature data for special products.

Modular Combination

Configure All Functions with Each Other

Our comprehensive modular system combines all functions and:

The AIM3 Design AI is the master builder here, assembling the building blocks you select from the modular system in real time and placing them in the appropriate place – be it in the display or DooH network, or in any other digital channel if you wish (at a price that is as favorable as possible).


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