Marketing Solution for Live Ads

With our marketing solution for live ads, moving image content can be used live to generate bottom line attention and credibility. Consequently, both exceptional and always up-to-date advertising media are created. With our Live Ads Network, we bring these effectively to your customer – firstly at the right time, secondly in the right environment, thirdly on the right channel.

Live Ad Advertising Media Structure

Marketing Solution for Videos without Production Costs

AIM3 Live Ads consist of the “standard version” of three building blocks that flow into each other. These can be filled individually and in real time, for example with either live (webcam) video streams, current offers or your logo.

The result is a video advertising medium with a current reference, which is adapted to the micro-moment (situational environment) of the customer with real-time data-driven content.

Multiple Live Ad Data Sources

Marketing Solution with Variation Possibilities

Live Ads can be filled with a variety of data. In addition to live webcams, any image or video content that changes constantly or frequently is also conceivable.

Examples are the latest videos (reels) or images from your Instagram or TikTok channel. Of course, the other components of our Live Ads also react accordingly to the changed content of the advertising medium.

Live Ad Example: Wilder Kaiser Tourism Association

Marketing Solution With Data Sources and Logic

Opener: Micro-Moment of the User

The Live Ad concept initially starts in the micro-moment with the real-time display of the temperature / weather at the user's location, supported by a matching cloud image.

Live Content: Strong Contrast for Highest Attention

This is followed by the insertion of the live webcam stream at Wilder Kaiser. In addition, the current temperature, in winter the snow depth or the fallen fresh snow is displayed.

Outro: Target Group-Specific Addressing​

Finally, the live stream ends with a target group-affine image, for example hiking, cycling, enjoyment, skiing, etc.. The final image is based on the user's environment.

New Live Ad Data Combinations

Extension Options

Depending on the industry, our Live Ads can be used in a variety of ways. Be it in the sports and fashion environment or in the hotel industry.

Hotel Industry and Tourism

In the first Live Ad module, use your customer's micro-moment, for example with the next vacation or holidays. Of course, this varies depending on the location, but is no problem for our technology. Then fade over to current, time-of-day-dependent images (webcam streams are also welcome). Finally, in the last module, we display the appropriate offer. Based on environment and availability, you can present your offer in a targeted manner.

Sports and Fashion Industry

Place your logo, also animated, in the first module. Then we fade in, for example in the latest post on your social media channel, an image or video. In the third module, we show the advertised product, gladly with the current price and the nearest POS.

One-Time Setup - Continuous, Automated Updating

Are you interested in our solution? Ask us for creative ideas to make your content credible on the one hand, but on the other hand also reach-strong and target group affine.


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