Marketing Solution for Online Shops

The AIM3 Design AI, is an innovative, data-driven online marketing solution for online shops. We help to automate your digital advertising campaigns and display your ads in key online marketing channels.

Additionally our solution syncs changes in your online shop in real time with your ad campaign. This way you achieve not only best possible awareness, but a perfect match with your target group and an increase of your conversion rate.

Better performance and higher reach

Marketing Solution for Display Ads

  • increase performance
  • 24/7 advertising optimization
  • full budget and results control
  • fully automated marketing

In Europe and the United States, meanwhile almost 90% of people now surf on websites, regardless of whether with desktop or mobile devices. As a result, you reach almost everyone and therefore address your target group precisely. With our AIM3 Design AI you can finally use this potential for your business.

Unique Advantages in Real Time

Marketing Solutions for Shop-to-Ad Sync

Connect your store with our AIM3 Design AI and then enjoy all the benefits of an AI-based marketing solution.


After that, our online marketing solution creates the perfect advertising material from your store data.


Furthermore, our AIM3 Design AI incorporates every change in your store into your advertising in real time.

Individualization increases relevance and sales

Marketing Solutions for Shop Systems

With the help of our online marketing solution you show the user the appropriate product from your store. Based on the user’s location and environment data, this hereby creates and displays the perfect ads in real time.

Key-Features at a glance

Benefits of the AIM3 Design AI


It takes care of all the jobs between your store and the display of your advertising.


It offers you exclusive access to absolute premium websites.


It optimizes your advertising 24/7 and thus raises previously unused revenue potentials.

Perfect Target Group Approach

Your advertising finds your customer

Our solution always places your advertising where your customer is. In other words:

On the right website

In the right environment

At the right time

Effective Social Media Advertising

Optimize your social media campaign with AIM3

Our platform allows you to easily create your social media campaigns to ensure that you are achieving the best results possible. With our precise targeting and customization options, you can increase the effectiveness of your social media advertising and maximize your return on investment.


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