Marketing Solution for DooH

Benefit from our marketing solution for relevant DooH advertising with our intelligent Ad Creation System. Creative real-time data usage creates dynamically individualized campaigns that generate attention.

Real-Time Data Creates Attention

Dynamic Marketing Solution for Dooh

Even in the DooH network, advertising messages with real-time data create higher attention among customers. These individualized, situational messages give your advertising additional credibility, higher relevance and more topicality.


You are stuck in a traffic jam and see on the DooH screen at the side of the road the amount of fresh snow that fell overnight and the fantastic live image of the ski resort.


You are standing at the baggage carousel in the airport and the DooH advertisement of a car rental company shows you the sunny weather forecast, the number of convertibles available and the current price.


You are on your way home in the evening and see an advertisement for a pizza on the DooH screen in front of the shopping center. The screen informs you about the distance to the next POS, its opening hours and the current happy hour offer.

Situational Data Use in the Dooh Network

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The environmental data of the individual screens in combination with intelligently selected data of your company create particularly high attention and relevance in the DooH network.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe And Global Partners

Dooh Networks

National and international, high-reach and target group-specific DooH networks.

Selected DooH channels in street, air, and shopping malls.

Use Case Europa Park

Real-Time Data Usage for Europa Park Rust and Langnese.

The campaign was played out at airports in the northern part of Germany and at highway rest stops within a 400 km radius of Europa Park.

In total, we played out around 4,500 different motifs, created by our design AI in real time, on over 200 screen locations in just three weeks.

Data usage at airports

Data usage at freeway service stations

Use Case Share Now

Real-Time Data Usage for Share Now

Data usage

additional data usage options

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