The Marketing Solution For Display

With our AIM3 online marketing solution for your display you automate your advertising. This really creates an all-around happy package for e-commerce store operators and brands alike.

In other words: We automate, transform, dynamize and synchronize online marketing for your display in real time, whether it’s a single banner or a complete campaign, from creation to delivery – with just one tool.

Premium and Special Interest Coverage

Always in the Perfect Environment

We place your display advertising precisely according to your offer. Depending on your objective, whether it’s attracting attention to your brand or product (reach), increasing the number of visitors to your store (click-through rate) or sales (performance). 

We put you in the ideal environment:

Synchronize Display Advertising

Always Highly Up To Date

We synchronize your display advertising in any case with the help of artificial intelligence and the latest technology with all relevant live data without time delay in real time.

Optimize Budget

Always Effective

Our AIM3 Design AI optimizes the use of your budget by automatically placing your ads on websites where you consequently get high click-through rates. If the click-through rate is poor or the click is expensive, we will subsequently move your budget to more effective websites. You will then achieve higher click-through rates and high-quality visitors.

Improve the effectiveness of your media budget by:

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