Online Marketing Solution for Tourism

Our marketing solution for tourism shows your region in the best light. For this reason, let’s find together the moments [micro-moments] in which your region presents itself perfectly. Every time such a moment occurs, we display your advertising for it with the real-time individualized advertising medium.

The Right Advertising Message at the Right Moment

Marketing Solution for Tourism with Live Data

On the one hand, you are sitting on a treasure trove of data. On the other hand, we know the micro-moment, the situation of the customer. Together, we finally present your region with the most relevant data for the customer to the customer.

For example, we use either live weather data or weather forecasts, occupancy rates, events, vacation or vacation dates per client’s region, as well as customized offers and/or the latest and greatest images of your region.

On All Digital Channels

Marketing Solution for Tourism with Best Performance

Matching the real-time offer of your region, we find the websites with the best reach, relevance and performance in the display network (mobile and desktop), which your target group trusts and accordingly visits regularly.

Likewise, we can deliver the same advertising media in real time consequently to all digital outdoor advertising spaces where they want to draw customers’ attention to your region – targeted and selective, nationwide or even Europe-wide to train stations, airports, rest stops, in city centers, shopping malls, etc.

Unique Campaign Setup

Constantly Up-to-Date Advertising

From now on, always show the appropriate offer of your region according to the situation (micro-moment) of the customer. Promote local and long-distance tourism based on different logics, but always based on the same data.

So with our creative live-ad advertising concepts, the advertising message is always based on the customer’s micro-moment.

Use Case Wilder Kaiser

Webcam Live Images in Advertising

High attention Through Credibility

The trigger for campaign delivery is initially the current weather [sunny to slightly cloudy] in the Wilder Kaiser region. Live webcam images, on the other hand, from the region in the advertising material finally underline the credibility.

High Attention Through Target Group Specific Environments

The versatility of the Wilder Kaiser region, from hiking to wellness to skiing, consequently forms the final point in the advertising material. Based on the respective topic, for example cycling, the advertising is displayed in target group-specific environments.

High Attention Through Best Possible Timing

Initially, the customer is confronted with his own reality - the live weather at the customer's location. In contrast, the other images impressively show how much more beautiful it is at the Wilder Kaiser.

High Attention Due to Exact Arrival Time

In order to promote the sustainability of tourism in the Wilder Kaiser region, furthermore, the travel time from the nearest train station to the region is calculated and displayed live in the advertising material, depending on the customer's location.

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