Shopify Troubleshooting

Do you get any error with your Shopify Connection? So let us help you with a small guide to fix it. This guide will show you how to handle shop connection errors easily.

Missing Access Permission for a Scope

What do you need?

  • A Shopify store owner account

Error description

A scope error occurs when a permission to access a specific resource is missing. For example, if there is an error with the “read_products” scope, it means that the shop connection lacks read access to the products.


To handle this error login to your Shopify store and open your private app details. You can reach your private app section by clicking “Develop apps for your store”.

In the list of the private apps, click the name of your AIM3 app to open the app details.

A list with all active permissions can be found in the “Overview” area under “Admin API integration”.

To enable a desired permission, change the drop-down list from “No access” to another access type and save the changes.

Your new permission should now appear in the list of active permissions.

Testing the Shop Connection

What do you need?

  • An AIM3 – Studio admin account


Log in to your AIM3 – Studio account and click “Shop settings” under “Settings” in the menu on the left side.

In the shop settings scroll down to the “Edit Connection Data” section, fill in all fields and click the “Save” Button to check if it works.

The synchronization may take a few minutes. If the store connection works correctly, a success message appears after completion.